Monday, June 11, 2012

Passing Time on an Airplane

May 11, 2012

It's hardly surprising that I'm once again at Barajas.  Although, this time I'm in T2, which is pretty rare for me, (usually T1 or T4), and I'm departing for Prague on Brussels Airlines.  It's a pleasure to be on a real airline that assigns seats instead of Ryanair or EasyJet, where people line up an hour before boarding and then fight tooth and nail for the overhead bin space.  This is much more civilized.  Today I have a two-hour connection in Brussels before continuing on to Prague.  I'm hoping the food at Brussels Airport is better than at Barajas because I ate my packed lunch for breakfast since I suspected that my enormous carry-on backpack was over the 6 kg weight limit.  Really though, I packed pretty light for this trip and am wondering if I forgot something.  Probably pajamas.  That's what I usually forget.

You know, figuring how to pass time on an airplane when you're not a student and have nothing to study, and can't sleep is...different.  A veces, I try to list all 50 states. It's mildly aggravating when you get to 49 and can't figure out which one you missed.  I know about half of the song that lists the states in alphabetical order, so I always start with that.  Other times, I list places to which I have traveled, or I make life travel goal lists.  Lately though, I've just been writing my thoughts of the moment.

Fortunately, I have a fairly extensive imagination and don't mind daydreaming for a few hours a week, which is convenient since it appears that I've finally mastered the 50 states list.  Maybe I should just take a medication that will make me drowsy enough to sleep for those really long flights.  Still though, with 14 hours in the air...that would be over twice the sleep I'd normally get.  Better idea - type all these stream of consciousness pensamientos on my netbook so I don't run out of paper.

I really like that the weather above the clouds is always sunny.  Except at night.  Time for some photos of clouds...
Over Geneva

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