Thursday, June 21, 2012

La cocina española: Rosa's Gazpacho

el 9 de junio

El fin de semana pasado, me invitaron Elvi, Rosalia, y Rosa a su casa.  Allí, me enseñaron cómo cocinar unas de las comidas típicas de España.  Empezamos con el gazpacho, una sopa fría que tiene muchas verduras.  Me explicaron que el gazpacho es una comida muy típica de Andalucía, y hablamos un poco de la diferencia entre el gazpacho y el salmorejo, la versión cordobés.  Saqué unos apuntes y unas fotos para recordar todo.  El día pasó fenomenal - pasamos un buen rato, aprendí unas palabras nuevas como "pelar" y "batir", y comimos muy bien.

Elvi, Rosalia, and Rosa, some of my madrileña friends, kindly invited me to their home last weekend to teach me to cook some traditional Spanish recipes.  We started with gazpacho, which they explained to me was a specialty food from Andalusia.  I took notes and pictures as they cooked and explained, and later we had a delicious lunch.  Since the explanations were in Spanish, my notes were in Spanish, and so my blog post is in Spanish.  I'll summarize the recipe and add a few observations in English at the bottom.

Ingredientes (para 4-5 personas)
1. Tomates
2. Pepino entero
3. Cebolla pequeña o media cebolla
4. Pan duro
5. Sal
6. Aceite de oliva
7. Vinagre de vino

English Step #1
1. Lavar los tomates
2. Se trosean los tomates
3. Pelar el pepino, y echarlo, cortado, con el tomate
4. Remojar el pan si está duro
5. Cortar y añadir la cebolla
6. Echar bastante sal
7. Añadir el aceite de oliva
8. Echar un chorito de vinagre y el pan
9. Batir todo
10. Añadir un poquito de ajo
11. Echar agua para una textura a gusto
12. Probar la sopa para ver si necesitas añadir más de algo
13. Esperar unas horas 
14. ¡Tomarlo y disfrutarlo!

English Version

English Step #6, Spanish Step #9
Ingredients (4-5 servings)
1. Tomatoes - big, red, more tomatoes than the amount of cucumber
2. Cucumber - a whole cucumber
3. Small onion
4. About 3 inches of baguette bread
5. Salt - a handful
6. Olive oil
7. Wine vinegar (?)

Summarized Directions
1. Wash and cut the tomatoes, cucumber, and onion.  Peel the cucumber.  Combine in a bowl.
2. Re-wet the bread if it's too hard to blend.
3. Add the bread and a handful of salt to the bowl with the vegetables.
4. Add olive oil - pour it for about four seconds.
5. Add less vinegar than olive oil.
6. Blend everything.
7. Add some garlic.
8. Add water to adjust the texture until you like it.
9. Try the soup to see if you need to add more of anything.
10. Wait a few hours so the flavor sets in.
11. Serve cold and eat.

¡Buen provecho!


  1. This looks wonderful and delicious! The table setting is beautiful and the table cloth is amazing. Maybe you should find a Spanish table cloth and some cool dishes for your apartment.

  2. Looks good, I think i will try and make this! perfect for a hot summer day.

  3. Kathy - This is a great soup for summer! I've been eating it pretty frequently here since I don't have air conditioning. Enjoy!

    Mom - Do you think they sell extra suitcases along with those table cloths and dishes? If so, that would be really convenient. :)