Thursday, June 28, 2012

La cocina española: Rosalia's Tinto de Verano

Yesterday I met with Elvira, Rosalia, and Rosa to say goodbye before departing for the US.  To my surprise, they presented me with a tortilla flipper and a cookbook of Spanish recipes while we were eating ice cream at una heladería in Vicálvaro.  The three of them are great, welcoming friends, and I will miss them.  I have really enjoyed getting to know them and am sure that we'll keep in touch over Skype (and hopefully future visits!).  Here's the last recipe they taught me to make:

This recipe is simple and takes only a few seconds to put together.  Tinto de verano literally means "red wine of summer," but I'm reasonably sure you can drink it all year.  As I've been told, there are a few different ways to make tinto de verano.

Tinto + gaseosa = tinto de verano
1. Tinto
2. La Casera, Gaseosa, o Fanta de limón
3. Un trocito de limón (si quieres)

1. Poner el tinto en un vaso.
2. Añadir gaseosa (o lo que sea) al mismo vaso.  Mitad-mitad, o a gusto.
3. Echar hielo (o no)
4. Poner un trocito de limón si quieres una bebida más bonita.

English Version

Tinto de verano
1. Red wine
2. Some sort of carbonated water, lemon Fanta, Fresca, or Sprite
3. A lemon garnish (if you want)

1. Pour wine into your glass.
2. Add the carbonated water (or whatever you chose) into the glass with the wine.  The ratio depends on personal preference.
3. Add ice if you want it.
4. Add a lemon garnish if you want a prettier drink.

Note: If you're like me and don't own a bottle opener, then this recipe will actually be a difficult since you won't be able to add the main ingredient.

Sangria is also a popular drink here, but I believe its recipe is more complicated.  You have to let the fruit sit in the wine overnight, and you also need a pitcher.  So, if you like to plan your cooking ahead of time, give it a try.  Otherwise, tinto de verano is a nice option.

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  1. Looks good! I have pitchers for you from Papa!

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