Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You have been in Spain for quite a while if...

After you live in a place for some amount of time, you become accustomed to things that, upon arrival, struck you as different.  Though you may never fully assimilate into someone else's culture, you definitely adjust and get used to it.

I sense that I've been living in Spain for quite a while because...

1. I throw in some Spanglish when speaking English.
2. I have started to enjoy coffee...con leche, of course.
3. I can wake from a deep sleep and recite, "Atención. Estación en curva.  Al salir, tengan cuidado para no introducir el pie entre coche y andén."
4. Dinner at 10:30 pm doesn't freak me out.
5. I have scavenged the city and successfully found a store that sells peanut butter.
6. My passport looks like a tattoo addict.
7. I occasionally wear my hoodie, North Face, and gym shoes all together.  People will deal with it.
8. Sloooooow as the system may be, I stuck around long enough to receive (not just apply for) my residence card.
9. I found the apostrophe on a Spanish keyboard.  Trust me, this is a big deal.

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 All this said, there are still a few tell-tale signs which highlight that I'm American.    

Gorton Fisherman Memorial
Gloucester, Mass.
1. I laugh when I hang my laundry outside on the clothesline.
2. I try to avoid looking at the legs of ham in the grocery stores.
3. I'd rather "test laptops" at the Apple store than go to an internet cafe.
4. I celebrate every time the euro gets weaker.  It's like a raise.
5. I realized that my mindset is typically focused and serious, not botellón-oriented.
6. I want to dry my clothes in a drier.  With fabric softener.
7. I find the siesta inconvenient because everything closes for three hours.
8. Greetings with the traditional dos besos?  No thank you.  Let's not bother to mention my need for personal space.

I promise, I'm not trying to say that one lifestyle is better or worse than the other.  Rather, I'm amused to notice these changes and characteristics in myself.

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