Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Since I've reserved this space online for myself, I'm going to use it to vent a little bit.  Happy reading...  My issue is that while I love talking to people here, the conversation frequently seems to go a way I don't exactly love. Let me explain.

Person: "What are you doing in Spain? How long have you been here?  Do you like it here?"
Me:       "Yeah, it's great; I've been here almost six months now.  I'm working for BU in Madrid."
Person: "You're really here to find a Spanish husband, aren't you?"
Me:       "Uh....no...I'm here to shop, travel, and eat tapas.  Mostly travel."

I have lost count of how many times I've been subjected to this conversation.  Could you possibly imagine wasting your weekends going on semi-interesting dates instead of traveling to London, Marrakesh, Paris, Seville, Amsterdam, and everywhere else?  Not a chance.  So really, por favor, stop asking me that.

This is more than an annoying question.  It's an annoying question asked at inappropriate times.  For example, last semester when I had the stomach flu and nearly fainted on the metro, I was brought to an ambulance.  Once they decided I was going to stay conscious, this, of all questions, is what they decided to ask me.  I was like, "Excuse me? Is this the most important thing to ask right now?  What about my health?  Would you like to know why I've been puking all day, if I have allergies, or if I'm taking any medications?"

Someone actually suggested that I try dating here just to see what how the guys are different - as if going out with one guy would provide me with some magical insight about all of them.  I'm neither completely opposed to nor overly enthused about the idea.  I just don't care.

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