Friday, October 7, 2011

Retail Therapy at Desigual

So, I was feeling a little blue yesterday - nbd - and obviously, the solution was to get myself to the nearest Desigual store, which just happens to also have a Desigual Outlet on the top floor.  Yay!

Desigual is a super cool, designer-y, brand of clothes from Spain.  The clothes look like a mix of Free People, Lucky Brand, and some extra abstract designs and colorful shapes.  They're really funky.  Sometimes the Desigual stores in Barcelona give you cotton candy while you shop.

"Never Stop to Dream"
Desigual bag
After wanting one of these shirts for, well, since I first saw a Desigual billboard back in 2009, I decided it was time to buy one.  I bought a long sleeve shirt from their Galactica line, Happy edition.  Happy is last season's edition, but the new season is called "Never Stop to Dream." I assume they meant "Never Stop Dreaming."  In any case, I plan to continue wearing this shirt when I get back to the US, where people can read it, so I really wouldn't be able to wear that.  Desigual is a pretty serious fashion store, not some random little shop, so I'm not sure how they missed that "minor" detail.  Besides, the Happy edition colors look better on me.

The billboard back in 2009 was of one of their coats, and the instant I saw it, I knew I needed to check it out.   Desigual makes the most fabulous coats I've ever seen.  Even better, the Desigual Outlet sells some of the coats.  It's exciting.

So anyways, I love my new shirt, and life is good.  I joined their Tarjeta Amiga club, so I'll get a discount for my birthday!  Even though I'll miss my free birthday meals at Noodles & Co. and Red Robbin, I will get a 10% discount on Desigual clothing.  I think that's a pretty good exchange.

*The two photos of coats in this post are from the Desigual website.*

Custo Barcelona is another brand that uses similar designs to Desigual.  The biggest difference I've noticed is that the fabrics Desigual chooses are much more interesting, and better quality.  Custo Barcelona seems to use thin, somewhat itchy fabrics that stretch weirdly.  Same price (ish) for both, so you choose.

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  1. Gorgeous! The coat looks like yours...I think this is going to be your new favorite store.
    The shirt you got is amazing. How do you wash it?