Monday, September 5, 2011

Travel Faux Pas

No, this entry is not about wearing blinding, white gym shoes with knee high, white socks on the Champs-Élysées.  I know better than that, promise.

Last night before leaving Florida, I printed my boarding passes for the journey from MIA-->CLT-->ORD, and this afternoon at MIA, I was given extra boarding passes - lucky me!  So, I put the first set in my carry on suitcase, which I checked at the gate.  I had papers everywhere, but all was well, albeit haphazardly organized, until about ten minutes before we landed at CLT.

Frantically, I realized that when I threw away my Starbucks bag as the flight attendant came by, I had also tossed my cell phone.  Lovely.  Just fantastic.  Fortunately, the flight attendant was super nice and dug the Starbucks bag out of the garbage for me, and found my cell phone.  Best flight attendant ever!

So life is good again, the descent is almost over, I'm ready to hop of the plane at CLT, and it dawns on me that my boarding pass for the CLT-->ORD connecting flight was probably also in the Starbucks bag, which is now back in the garbage.  Keep in mind that this wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't checked my extra set of boarding passes.  My second set of boarding passes was soon to be on its way to O'hare without me...oops.

I got off the plane with only 15 minutes until boarding my next flight, in a different terminal of course, and texted my parents, "Very bad - accidentally threw out my boarding pass.  Have 10 min.  Disaster."  Hey, someone had to share the chaotic frenzy with me...sorry, guys.

Anyways, US Airways was super nice and printed another boarding pass for me at their "special help" desk, since I thankfully hadn't thrown out my photo ID.  I went running to gate D3, got there just in time, was ready to board, and found out that there was a 90 minute delay because of bad weather around both CLT and ORD.  So now I'm "lined up and waiting"  on the runway at CLT, writing this on paper and waiting to get to Chicago. That's all.

I have made like seven mental "notes to self"  not to do this on my upcoming trip to Boston or on my journey to Madrid.

I wish I could write "the end," but later that week I accidentally ran the entire battery down in my mom's car by leaving the keys in the ignition all night.  The following day, the garage door broke too.  Ok, the end.  Well, I hope.

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