Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to Madrid!

August 25, 2011
I am embarking on a super adventure.  Really super.  Mixed with some fantastic.  And lots of high fashion, leather shoes.  I'm moving to Madrid for one year to work as an Ayudante for Boston University's study abroad programs.  I dusted off my semi-nightmarish Vodafone cell phone and it's charger, with a European plug, and started trying to pack a year's worth of clothing into one suitcase and one backpack.  It was a total exercise in futility, so I'm bringing two suitcases, a carry on suitcase, and a backpack.

August 27, 2011
I’m officially on the way to Madrid!  I have to admit that I had some sort of emotional response as the plane was taking off, which was odd for two reasons: 1) I fly pretty frequently, so it really shouldn’t phase me, and 2) I'm just not that emotional.  Nevertheless, there I was, looking down at the United States (literally) from about 20,000 feet, thinking that it is actually a pretty sweet place to live.  But now I’m leaving.  Timing is everything…whatever. 

I got nervous before getting on the plane, and started to realize that this year abroad was really happening, so I caved in and bought a small bag of Red Hot Cheetos.  If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll understand my issue with this.  Basically they’re so delicious, but so unhealthy.  I can’t explain it; I just really needed to bring them with me.  All summer, everyone kept saying things like, “Wow, it takes so much confidence to just move to a foreign country, especially with no housing arrangements!”  In order to keep myself calm, I never thought much of it, but now that I’m on the plane…well, I guess they’re right.  I'm really nervous, hence the Red Hot Cheetos.
This was my dinner from Lufthansa.
SALTY chicken, semi-stale bread, waxy cheesecake,
and a very unusual salad-ish thing.
Typically, when booking a flight, I pick a really unusual meal option when the choice is there online.  Once I selected the option for a Japanese meal.  Last time I booked a flight for my dad, I selected a Hindu non-vegetarian meal for him.  I usually just fly to Boston, so the flight is too short to actually get a meal.  However, since a meal will in fact be served on this flight, I’m really hoping that I didn’t pick anything strange.  Well, I guess Red Hot Cheetos are sort of a weird thing to eat.

A flight attendant just served me a bag of pretzels that are shaped like hearts, sunglasses, and puckered lips.  Gotta love airplane food. 

5 sleepless hours later

We’re 37,000 feet over London now, flying by at 630 mph according to the drop-down TV screen.  It’s 5:36 am in Frankfurt, 10:36 pm at home, and I’m still eating my little bag of Red Hot Cheetos.  They’re good at any time of day (night?).  We should land in Frankfurt in about 50 minutes.
Despite spending 4 of the 7 hours on the plane with my head under a blanket, I hardly slept at all on the first flight.  Hopefully I’ll sleep on the second flight.  While not sleeping, I learned that “flug” means “flight” in German. 

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