Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

Greetings Readers,

From here on out, this blog will be for food adventures in addition to travel and other notable events.  I’m adding a food section for those rare moments during which I’m feeling crafty and decide do some legit cooking.  Today was one of those days. 

Double Layered Red Velvet Cake

Note:  This is the first cake I’ve ever made, and it was pretty easy.  Give it a try.

1.  Buy a Betty Crocker cake mix for Red Velvet cake.  You should not be surprised that I didn't make this cake from scratch. 
2.  Buy cream cheese frosting. 
3. Follow the directions on the cake mix box.  I’m not going to re-write them here because I already recycled the box. 
4. Bake the cake in a tall, round glass pan.  You will have to flip this upside down and slide the cake out, so the better you grease the pan now, the happier you’ll be later.  Over do it, seriously.
5. If your cake bakes unevenly (one side is taller than the other), you should cut off the tall part.  Consider it a bonus taste test.  The top of the cake in the pan is going to become the bottom of the final cake, so it doesn’t have to be that pretty.  No one ever picks up a piece of cake to look at the bottom of it. 
6. Ok, put the cake in the refrigerator for a while now.  Like overnight.  Or for a few hours.  Just cool it.  Don’t freeze it though – it will be too hard to cut later if you do. 

7. Wake up in the morning.  Go eat breakfast at Einstein Bagels, then come back to finish your cake. 
8. Cutting the cake for the double layer:
a.       Pick a knife with a blade as long as the radius of the cake.  Cut the cake around like you’re slicing a bagel in half.  You want two equal sized layers.  If the line you cut isn’t straight, your cake will be ugly.  So be careful.

b.      Once the layers are completely separate, put the top layer on a separate dish. 
9. Frosting: 
a.       Warm the container of cream cheese frosting in the microwave to soften it.  You don’t want it to drip, but you don’t want it to be difficult to spread either.  Try 15 seconds in the microwave.
b. Use the top half of the container of frosting to do the middle frosted layer.  Put this frosting on one layer of the red velvet cake.  Even it out.  Place the other half of the cake on top.  Try not to squish it out the sides.  Don’t press down.
c. Put the bottom half of the frosting from the container on top of the stacked cake.  Smooth it out so it’s pretty.  Decorate the top, or do something to make it nice looking. 

10. Take a picture of your completed cake for documentation of your baking expertise.

This cake was not difficult.  The mix was good (luckily), and it tasted great.  I recommend it.

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