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Graduation from Boston University

Congratulations to Boston University's Class of 2011!

May 22, 2011

This day was both exhilarating and exhausting.  Seriously, it was a lot of graduating to do in one day - I had three ceremonies to attend.  And yes, I loved every minute of it.

9:00 am - Biology Commencement
They're so cool!
Definitely going to miss them, and hope to see them soon.
The speaker, one of the professors, was great.  He talked about the danger of the increasing public trend of ignoring scientific facts.   For example, some politicians and other people deny global warming because of a personal agenda.  Similarly, some people are into the anti-gluten fad, despite the fact that wheat/gluten/bread is something humans have eaten for many years and are supposed to eat.  The speaker's point was that it is important to think critically and scientifically about what you hear, and to accept facts, rather than believing passing trends.  There were about 100 biology grads, and ceremony was both personal and official.  Almost all the biology professors were there.  Their gowns were intense, and they had really cool hats.

I got my diploma at this ceremony, and then dropped it off at my apartment for safe keeping.  I'm pretty sure it's the most expensive piece of paper I'll ever own.  At the Spanish ceremony, I received an empty envelope, since I had already gotten my diploma in the morning at bio.  It's really fun posing for a graduation picture with an empty, yet very official, envelope in your hand.

This picture was taken just after I picked up my diploma at the biology ceremony.

The double major is listed on one single diploma.

Ultimate Simmons Pose
at the Biology Ceremony
1:00 pm - University Commencement
This ceremony was huge.  It took about 30 minutes for all the grads to enter Nickerson Field.  Katie Couric spoke - she was down to Earth, fun, engaging, and related well to the students.  It was chilly outside - my graduation outfit changed throughout the day.  For the 9 am ceremony, I wore an elegant, black dress under my graduation gown.  By the 1 pm ceremony, I had rolled up a pair of jeans under the dress and put a black sweater over the dress.  I turned my purse into a necklace too.  Seriously, you can wear anything under those giant graduation gowns, and no one will ever know.

Of course, Marissa and I took an Ultimate Simmons Pose photo.  This is the third graduation where we took this photo.  In three years, we'll do it again at Marissa's graduation from the University of Miami.  In an undetermined number of years, we'll take a USP photo at my graduation at the University of Chicago.

4:00 pm - Romance Studies, Modern Languages, & Comparative Literature Commencement
This ceremony was for everyone who majored in a romance language, a modern language, or was a comp lit major.  Unfortunately, none of the professors I had for my Spanish classes chose to attend the ceremony.  The ceremony was disorganized and very casual, but the food at the reception afterwards was great, and we were starving by that point in the day.

Me with my parents at the Biology Ceremony

After I was done graduating, we went to dinner (me, parents, sister, grandparents, aunt) at the Crispy Crepes Cafe in South Campus.  Following dinner, we had a gourmet dessert platter at Finale in Coolidge Corner - so delicious!  I'm so glad my family came all the way to Boston to celebrate this special day with me.

The next morning, I hosted a "Family & Friends Brunch" at StuVi.  It was a nice chance for my family to see where I lived at school that year.  It was a know, bagels, lox, vegetable platter, orange juice, fruit, other stuff.  Oh, and we served mimosas in champagne flutes we got from the Champagne Reception during Senior Week.  Mom's idea.

At the brunch, on May 23rd, we also celebrated Mom's birthday.  For this extra special occasion :), I made chocolate covered marshmallows with lemon, cream cheese frosting.  They looked like cake bites and were a hit.  Everyone loved them.  
So delicious!
Happy Birthday, Mom!
For all of you who are convinced that I'm bad at cooking (I'm sure there are a lot of you), I would like to inform you that I totally rocked this recipe. Even more impressive - I surprised Mom. That's kind of a big deal since she tends to know almost everything.

Rereading this post, it occurs to me that most people would write about how proud they were for graduating from college.  I sort of just took everything in stride.  Graduating is just one of those things that I always knew I'd do.  It has always been both a personal and a familial expectation.  This graduation has been on my "life schedule" since before I was born.  I would either finish college and go on to get an advanced degree, or...well, that was the option.  And really, I'm glad my parents raised me that way.  Still, the day was very exciting, celebratory, and festive - graduating was fun!  After walking across the stage at the biology ceremony and hearing my name called, I sat back down next to Lesley, my former roommate, and said, "Hey, that was fun!  Good thing I double majored, so I get to do it again in a few hours!"  

Me and Lesley at the Biology Ceremony

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