Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chocolate Covered, Lemon Frosted Marshmallows

This post is a little overdue.  I made these chocolate covered marshmallows with lemon, cream cheese frosting as a surprise for my Mom's birthday.  They're inspired by Cake Pops, and they're bite sized.  These are great for a little dessert if you don't want to eat too much.  I first made these for the "Former Spanish House Picnic" on the Esplanade in the rain, and they were a hit.  It was a practice run for the birthday.

I made these in my glorious StuVi apartment.  As you should know, college cooking isn't real cooking.  I designed this recipe based on a few different recipes I'd found.  One of them called for a double boiler to melt the chocolate - please, I don't even have a mixing bowl at school.  Double boiler...yeah, sure.  Below, I've listed the college version of the ingredients in parenthesis.

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows with Lemon, Cream Cheese Frosting

Real Ingredients Suggested (College-Style Ingredients)
1. Jumbo sized marshmallows - 1 bag
2. Lolli Pop sticks (toothpicks or whatever you can find)
3. Candy melts (microwaveable cups of chocolate - the ultimate college ingredient) - white chocolate is better
4. Cream cheese frosting
5. Lemon juice (Scavenge a lemon from a dining hall)
6. M&Ms (All dorms have vending machines)
7. Sprinkles (Found in the dining hall by the ice cream toppings)
8. A knife (find plastic silverware at Chipotle, the GSU, Einstein's, etc.)
9. Food coloring
10. Block of styrofoam (You work in a lab? The 50 mL conical tube styrofoam holder is perfect.)

The real recipe was for Cake Bites.  It said to bake a cake from scratch.  That doesn't work too well in college when you don't have cake ingredients, a mixing bowl, a cake pan, etc.  Then, you're supposed to squish the cake up, and put frosting into it.  First of all, that sounds really messy, and second, it takes forever. So, I bought donut holes from Dunkin Donuts.  They're perfect - pre-made balls of cake.  Sadly, I found that they were too heavy to be supported by a single toothpick.  So, I switched to marshmallows.

1. Put one toothpick in each marshmallow.  Line them up on a dish and freeze them for the duration of one Spanish class, followed by one biology lecture.  You need the marshmallow to stick to the toothpick and not fall out.
2. Real recipe: Slowly melt the candy melts in a double boiler over low heat to maintain consistency.  Drip off extra candy.  Yeah....whatever, too much clean up.  Double comment.  My version: Buy a disposable, microwaveable container of chocolate pieces (looks like an Easy Mac container).  Microwave it for like 2 minutes, and stir it.  Dip a marshmallow in the container of melted chocolate.  Make sure to cover the entire marshmallow in chocolate, especially the part that touches the toothpick.  It's easiest if you spin the marshmallow against the edge of the cup.
3.  Return the chocolaty marshmallows to the plate, and freeze them for a while.  Go out for the evening with friends.
4.  Go to bed really late.  Wake up even later.  Remove marshmallow dish from freezer.  Add a lot of lemon juice to the frosting.  Not sure how much - just taste it. Also, add food coloring to the frosting.  If you want different colors of frosting, put some into a separate dish.  If you get food coloring on your hands, do not lick it.  It tastes sooooo bad, and you'll be left with blue/green/orange teeth for the day.  Not so cute.

5. Use a knife to apply frosting to the non-toothpick side of the marshmallow.  You'll hold the knife still and spin the marshmallow in order to form a short cone of frosting.  The top surface of the marshmallow will be flat since it was frozen against the dish, so there's a good platform for frosting.

6. Dump on some sprinkles.  Delicately place one M&M in the middle.  These turn out looking like mini cupcakes.  They're really cute.  I decorated some with faces and other candy too.

These turned out great - very cute, very tiny, very tasty.  The more lemony the frosting is, the better the overall flavor turns out.  The lemon balances the sweet chocolate and marshmallow taste.

If you want to make these and need decorating ideas, go to Google Images and type in "Cake Bites birthday."

Good luck!

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