Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Highlights of BU's 2011 Senior Week

May 14, 2011 - Martha's Vineyard

What a great day!  We took buses from Boston to Woods Hole (biology research station), and then a ferry to Martha's Vineyard, where we landed at Vineyard Haven.  Martha's Vineyard is totally a beach-town, obviously because it's an island.  It's very similar to Gloucester, Ipswich, Rockport, & Essex, MA - look at my facebook photos.
Boarding the ferry to Martha's Vineyard
Vineyard Haven Coast, Martha's Vineyard

I ate my first fish sandwich ever here.  I figured seafood is their thing, so it would be a good day to try one.  We ate at a restaurant called The Net Result.  I was surprised to find that they sold plastic bags of clam chowder and lobster bisque.  They had a tank with live lobsters to pick, and I remembered my parents telling me when I was little that the lobsters in Dominick's and Jewel were "on vacation" sometimes...
Bag of Clam Chowder at The Net Result
Later in the day, we went to our friend Anna's house - a dance friend.  She lives there, and was having a graduation party for herself and all of us.  It was so nice of her to invite us over!

May 15 - Foxwoods Casino & Resort

This was my first time ever in a casino.  I expected casinos to be loud, flashy, and exciting, like in Ocean's 11.  Instead, the casino was pretty quiet - but still with tons of showy lights, and very smokey...eww  We ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and I had the California Burger - yum.
California Burger - Hard Rock Cafe
After dinner, we explored the slot machines, Roulette, and Black Jack.  It was definitely an educational evening since we didn't know how to use/play any of those before.  There were tons of old people who looked like they had been permanently molded to the slot machine chairs.  Drinks on the floor were free; one guy at a slot machine ordered like five strawberry milkshakes.  

Keno Cards
Our favorite game was Black Jack...because we actually knew how to play it.  I didn't bet any money because losing money kind of freaks me out.  Watching other people lose money is better than losing your own.  BU gave us vouchers to play keno, and I won $5 at that!  I gave the person my voucher, she gave me two keno cards, and I literally was like, "Umm...thanks.  What do I do with these?"  I'm clearly not much of a gambler, but I came out $5 ahead, so it's all good.

From there, we went to Shrine, a club in MGM Grand.  It was intense, fun, and really crowded.

May 16 - Harbor Cruise

Titanic-ing with Lesley
Before the cruise started, we went to Whiskey Ferry, a bar next to the World Trade Center Wharf, to get out of the rain.  There, we ran into Dean Elmore, who generously bought us all drinks and cupcakes.  

We had a great time dancing on the boat for like 3 hours, and were pleasantly surprised to find that they were serving dinner on the boat.  There were about 600 students, and it was definitely amusing to see everyone lean/fall to one side or the other when the boat rocked.  We took a bunch of photos, including the stereotypical "Titanic Pose."  Later, we went to dance on the upper deck as we were passing one of Logan International Airport's runways.  It was super cool to see planes that were about to land fly right over our boat.

May 17 - House of Blues with the Cataracs

The day began with a bar crawl and ended at the House of Blues.  I was working earlier in the day, so I met some friends at their last stop on the bar crawl, the BU Pub.  I also needed dinner, so I got a sandwich.  At the BU Pub, all the sandwiches are named for careers, so naturally I chose "The Biologist."
At the BU Pub with Friends
House of Blues - Boston
From there, we made our way over to the House of Blues, where we danced for a few house.  The Cataracs were playing.  They would play like 30 seconds of a song, then stop and talk for like 5 minutes.  I think we preferred when they would just play top 40 hits, but it was fun.  The Cataracs had cool songs too.  It was a great evening hanging out and dancing with friends.  On the way back from the House of Blues we stopped at Sicilia's for pizza.  Gotta love eating pizza in the middle of the night...it's so college.

Group photo at Six Flags

May 18 - Six Flags

The odd thing about Six Flags New England is that all the rides have different names than at the Six Flags in the midwest.  For example, the Superman ride in Mass. is called "Bizarro."  And the Batman ride has a different name too.  The Eagle is called the "Cyclone" out here.

Of course, I rode all the giant roller coasters - Bizarro, the Batman one, Pandemonium, and Flashback.  Bizarro is the fastest roller coaster and has the biggest drops.  We rode it right after lunch.  Yeah, I know, good planning.



My favorite ride was flashback - you do the whole ride forwards (upside down loops, twists, drops), then it catches you at the peak of a hill, and drops you, plummeting backwards, and you do all the loops and twists backwards.  Intense and awesome.

May 19 - Senior Ball

Thanks for the dress, Marissa!
The Senior Ball was the first time I'd ever been in the Fuller Building.  Normally, the first floor of the Fuller Building resembles an art gallery, and the higher floors look like an abandoned warehouse from the outside, but they really made it look nice for this event.  I had a great time dancing with my friends.  I wore one of my sister's dresses, which was good since I wouldn't have had one otherwise.  Good music, good food, and great dancing with friends.  After the Ball ended, we ordered pizza from T-Anthony's and watched movies.
On the Dance Floor
Overall, senior week was a blast.  I got to spend lots of time with friends and see things around Boston that I wouldn't have gotten to do otherwise.  I came out of it "a bit" sleep deprived, but very happy.  Good times!

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