Saturday, May 7, 2011

Best Study Week Ever!

The study period at BU is four days long.  These days occur after the end of classes and before the beginning of finals, and are dedicated to preparation for final exams.  

Day 1 of the spring 2011 study period:
(Days 2, 3, and 4 will probably not be this much fun.)

9 am - 11 am: Senior Breakfast at the GSU
The first senior week event was the Senior Breakfast, at which many people spoke to the class of 2011.  Breakfast was a full, sit-down meal, and it was great - the class filled most of the rooms in the GSU.
GSU Metcalf Ballroom - Senior Breakfast, 5/6/11
At the breakfast, we received our class gift from the Alumni Association, a leather BU folio, and learned that our graduation speaker would be Katie Couric.  Also during the meal, we reached our class goal of 2011 students donating to the class gift.  Though the breakfast was really nice, I couldn't help noticing that the class gifts I'd gotten this week were almost nagging soon-to-be-graduates to donate money to BU.  If the gifts were subtle hints, the breakfast speakers certainly weren't.
Blueberry scone at the Senior Breakfast
11:30 am: We had a bet with Dean Elmore that if we reached this goal of 2011 donors, he would jump into the Charles River in a tuxedo, and he did!  It was epic.
Dean Elmore leaps into the Charles River
12:30 - 3 pm: Bowling at Jillian's with the Ho Lab!  I'm really going to miss everyone in the Ho Lab after graduating.  I've learned so much there, and have developed a passion for lab research thanks to my super-fabulous mentors.  Thanks, guys!  For the three seniors in the lab, we had a graduation party at Jillian's by Fenway Park - really fun!  I'm definitely coming back to Boston to visit the lab sometime.
Ho Lab at Jillian's, 2010-2011
3 pm - 5:30 pm: Chillin' with the graduate students and 21+ undergrads from the Ho Lab at the BU Pub.  The BU Pub is the only on-campus bar, and entrance is limited to 21+ BU students only (and their parents).  They have these great sandwiches there - each is named after a different career path.  Ex: "The Statistician," "The Biologist." We went for drinks though, and sat outside in the sun since it was finally about 70F.
BU Pub - "The Castle"
Photo from
6 pm - 8:30 pm: Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Dale Chihuly Exhibit
The MFA has an event called "First Fridays," which happens the first Friday of each month.  This event features free admission to the MFA and all its exhibits for students and museum members.  I went with four friends specifically to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit (April - August 2011).  It was fascinating and fantastic - go see it if you're in Boston.
MFA - First Fridays
Appetizers & Drinks

Dale Chihuly is very famous for his incredibly innovative blown glass creations.  Each piece was composed of vibrant colors, swerving squiggles, and daring glass projections.
Walking through his exhibition was like walking through the room in the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where everything seems like fantasy and is edible.  Some pieces were in the ceiling and meant to be viewed from below.  Others appeared as gardens, several appeared in a canoe, and some were chandeliers.

So, as you can tell, I haven't studied much today.  My study period will begin tomorrow, bright and early (college-early, not real-early).  I had so much fun today that I forgot to pick up my Latin Honors cord that I'll be wearing at graduation.  I've changed...Can you tell?  Do you think I ever would have delayed in picking up an honors cord in high school?  Whatever, I'll get it on Monday.  

 Last Wednesday was the College of Arts & Sciences Senior Reception, also in the GSU Metcalf Ballroom.  They had great food, gave us CAS class gifts (red water bottles), and let us hang out.  Cocktail attire was requried, so naturally I have posted a photo of my dress here.
Me & Sima at the CAS Senior Reception

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