Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Proof of Passover

For all my readers who aren't my mom, you should know that this is NOT a fanatical, religious rant about the story of Passover.  It's just proof for my mom that I'm in some way observing the holiday this year.

Dear Mom,

It's happening - promise - check out the photos.  And thanks for sending me the coffee cake (left) and the marble cake (1/3 eaten on the right).  I made the cookies too, but they didn't look too photogenic when they came out of the oven.

So, this (below) is a box of soup mix I still have from last year, but I'm pretty positive this stuff never, ever expires.  If someone lends me a 4 quart pot, I'll make it., kind of an epic fail, but it's cool, no worries.  I actually went to Shaws and bought these Tam Tams last week in preparation for Passover.  I've been snacking on them....and just saw the little, tiny sign in the corner that says "Not Kosher for Passover."  Awesome, just awesome.

Well, it's the thought that counts...'cause I definitely wouldn't have bought these otherwise.

I'm guessing the guacamole on the cover of the box isn't Passover-friendly either.  PS - Who mixes guacamole with Tam Tams?  Eww!

The photo below is actually from last year when Katie and I did a mini-Seder in StuVi2.  We did a pretty good job - got all the pieces in the Seder Plate (even though some were paper...).  We even did an abbreviated version of all the 15 parts of the Seder.  I think our favorite parts of the Seder were the candles, the real macaroons, and forgetting to cook a main course.  We got to the dinner portion of the Seder, and realized something was missing...oops!

As you may have guessed, the posession of candles is prohibited in BU's dorms.
My Birthright buddies and I are getting together for a Seder/dinner on Wednesday!  I'm excited to see them all again.  (Yes I know, it's only Mon/Tues for Seders, but we have class then.)

Anyways, Happy Passover to my Jewish friends, and good luck if you plan on keeping it!

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