Friday, April 8, 2011

Graduating with Honors from Boston University!

Hey there,

Just wanted y'all to know: I'm graduating with Latin honors from Boston University!

Double major in Biology, Spanish Language & Literature
Minor in Dance

Today I went to Barnes Noble and bought my cap & gown for graduation. I'm totally going to look like a Harry Potter character in that red gown. The hat and tassel are black. And I get a cord to wear for honors. No pictures until the big day.

Graduation is May 22, 2011.
9 am - Biology
1 pm - All University
4 pm - Romance Languages & Modern Languages

I'm getting excited. It's hard to believe college will be over in one month. I'm not counting down the days...probably because college is waaaayyy easier and more fun than high school was. By the end of high school I was fighting to get out - the sleep deprivation was really getting me.
In high school, I was often sick because I only slept 4 hrs/night for months at a time. I graduated in the top 2% of the class, but I was pretty miserable...and tired. That being said, my high school prepared me incredibly well for college - which is probably why college seems easy. Shout out to Stevenson and the fantastic teachers there! I cannot thank you enough. You rock!

Looking back on the last four years, I'm glad I focused more on balancing my life in college. Though I'm not in the top 2% again, I have awesome friends, a fun and exciting social life, I sleep 6.5-7 hours/night, I'm healthier, and I'm just as successful - I'm still graduating with honors, I have a job next year, I've been accepted to grad school - and I'm much happier because I'm awake enough to be happy. Good choices.

I'm pretty positive it was Aristotle who said that everything in moderation can be good, and that any extreme is bad and should be avoided. I think I have a pretty good balance going on here. Except that I'm still an extreme popcorn eater - the more, the better.

BTW - I have chosen a graduate school! I'm waiting for a confirmation that my forms have arrived before posting it online though. Yes, not making it my facebook status is killing me.

Oh - senior week! It's this great week of events for seniors after finals and before graduation. These are the events I'm attending:

1. Class of 2011 Senior Breakfast--Friday, May 6 @ 10 am
2. Martha's Vineyard Trip--Saturday, May 14 @ 8 am
3. Foxwoods Resort & Casino--Sunday, May 15 @ 4:30 pm
4. Harbor Cruise--Monday, May 16 @ 6:45 pm
5. House of Blues w/ the Cataracs--Tuesday, May 17 @ 10 pm
6. Six Flags Trip--Wednesday, May 18 @ 9 am
7. Senior Ball--Thursday, May 19 @ 9 pm
8. Champagne Reception--Friday, May 20 @ 4 pm
The senior reception is May 4th at the GSU. There, they'll give out the senior gifts and announce the graduation speaker.

I'll probably blog about Senior Week and Graduation soon. Until then, more midterms and finals.

P.S. All the images in this post are probably copyrighted by Boston University. So...images courtesy of them. Thanks.

P.P.S. If anyone out there is considering getting me a graduation gift (you don't have to!!), I would like to politely suggest money for my travels around Europe next year. I don't need anything else. Please no trinkets or "cute" things. Thanks so much!

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