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Dance Theatre Group @ Boston University

Poster for Visions 2011
Last night I performed with Boston University's Dance Theatre Group (DTG) for the last time in our spring show, Visions.  (The fall show is called Origins.)  In this case, the end is bittersweet.  Bitter-sad to leave because I have formed many close friendships with the other dancers and have really grown through this dance program, and sweet because all things and programs end at sometime, at which point you move on to other exciting opportunities - life is supposed to happen that way.

It's official - I'll be attending the University of Chicago's doctoral program in neurobiology, beginning Fall 2012!!  There's a ton of dance at UChicago and in the city of Chicago, so I'm all set.

The first piece I choreographed for the Dance Theatre Group was "Simmation," set to music composed by Marissa.  This piece has nine dancers and is from Visions 2009 - the spring semester of my sophomore year at Boston University.  You can watch "Simmation" here:
Dancers of "Simmation" - Visions 2009
This semester (Spring 2011), I choreographed my second piece for the Dance Theatre Group, "Punctuated Silence."  My goal for this semester was to branch out and create a dance that was different than my usual.  As you know, I'm mostly ballet.  So, this time I did my piece in silence with a more abstract movement vocabulary.  Don't worry, I'll always love ballet - it's just Dana-ish.

Several people complimented me on the piece after the performances, which I appreciate very much.  I am especially grateful to my dancers - Allison and Karissa - for their hard work, beautiful dancing, and interpretation of my direction.  I also need to thank Micki, Ann, and Yo-el - the DTG mentors - the piece would not be as complete or polished without their expert suggestions.

You can watch "Punctuated Silence" here:
"Punctuated Silence" - Visions 2011
Photo by Bill Parsons / Maximal Image

I'll really miss DTG - the dancers are creative and enthusiastic, and best of all - friendly!!  I won't go into too much detail, since that's not really appropriate online, but many of you probably know that I've spent a lot of time in the past dancing at studios with some very "unfriendly" dancers.  DTG has been a great atmosphere to build friendships with many people from different dance backgrounds.
Cast of Visions 2011 & Faculty Members
  Photo by Bill Parsons / Maximal Image

Dancers in "Step to Elevate" - Visions 2011
I'll definitely miss dancing in Margot's pieces too.  I've been in her pieces for six semesters.  Well, five performances considering my foot kind of fell apart a week before the show last semester.  Margot is really fabulous, and she teaches a great ballet class.  She's the reason I came to BU.  I have videos of some of her pieces from rehearsals on my facebook.  "Step to Elevate," "Landscape," "Horizons," "Love Songs," "Valse," and "After Hours."  I also performed in "Valse" in downtown Boston in Aurora Borealis 7 in February 2009.

"Love Songs" - Visions 2009

Photo by Bill Parsons / Maximal Image

"J'adboube" - Visions 2009
Another fun part of DTG was dancing in friends' pieces.  I've been in Malia's, Genevieve's, Christin & Nicole's, and Vivian's pieces.  It's cool to see how each dancer, based on different training, comes up with different ideas.  Again, I have some of the videos on my facebook and many, many photos if you want to see more.  The photo to the left is from Christin's & Nicole's piece, "J'adoube."

Hopefully I'll get to return to Boston to see the shows sometime in the future!

Ballet Variations Project dancers - Fall 2010
Last year, Erin & I were Student Directors for Ballet Variations Project (BVP), a subset of DTG.  We set excerpts from the Nutcracker on dancers with ballet training which ranged from beginning to advanced.  Very fun, and definitely challenging.  These variations are in about six videos on my facebook, so go watch if you'd like.

I also danced in BVP in my first semester of college, Fall 2007.  

Cast Party - Spring 2011

And of course, everyone loves the great cast parties after the performances!  Usually about 2 weeks after the shows have ended we all get together, order pizza from T-Anthony's, and watch the DVD of the performance.  

Some posters from past shows:

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