Friday, March 18, 2011

Taglit Birthright Israel Trip - Part V

The following post was written in Israel on a Birthright trip in January 2011. I've transferred it to my blog to share.

"January 8th. Still Shabbat. So...I'm relaxing. Previously, I've often said that I dislike sleeping because it's a waste of time and unproductive. [I've always had an insanely hectic lifestyle, and wouldn't have it any other way. So, relaxing is unnatural for me.] But thinking on that, I remembered that I often dream in choreography - like it's my third language. It narrates. Usually it's original choreography, well always. It's never something I've danced before. So actually, these dreams are totally productive because I'm choreographing this semester for DTG at BU. Pleasantly, I remember the steps and spacing and who was cast in the dance when I wake up. You know that song, "I could have danced all night and still have begged for more" from My Fair Lady? Well apparently I have more. [excerpt removed from the journal here] Although I'm not thrilled with the costumes in my dreams. In my conscious, awake state, I'm unwaveringly partial to pink tutus.

This just totally cracks me up. I love ballet so much that I dance in my sleep - literally. On the next page of the journal, I wrote down all the steps and spacing I remembered from that night's dream. It was for five dancers, contemporary ballet.

The next page of the journal is half torn out. I placed the missing half in the Western Wall on 1-9-2011.

Saturday night
We went out to shop and meet other groups at a club after Shabbat ended. I bought a hamsa pendant, a symbol common to both Jewish and Arabic culture that is said to represent the hand of God.

Later, we went out to a bar/dance club. The Israeli guys there were intense. 3.5 years of college has taught me how to gracefully fend off sketchy frat boys - but it's totally different out here. First, they're all great dancers - which is a pleasant change. But, the guys here, at least at this particular club, are way more in your face. They dance well, and conversation is decent enough, but then out of nowhere they try to kiss you. What?! It's really odd and unexpected. Interestingly, the club played exclusively American music. I always find that strange when I travel.

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