Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big News: The Kitchen is Fixed!

Greetings, I came back to the apartment after work in the lab....and.....THE HOLE IN THE KITCHEN CEILING WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo. I guess that means someone came in here during the day and fixed it while we were all gone. Kind of creepy, but what's done is done. Please note that the date of this post is like 4 or 5 weeks (almost forever) after the one where it broke. I was pretty sure that it still wouldn't be fixed by the time I moved out, which is in 11 days btw. I'm not posting a photo because it would just be a white rectangle. As it should be. Well, actually, it would have a gray spot since they didn't paint over the repair....and probably never will. StuVi, here I come...running.

For those of you who don't know, StuVi stands for Student Village. It's apartment style, on-campus housing. Living in StuVi is like living in a hotel - beautiful lobby, sky-view of Boston/Cambridge from the all-windows top floor, carpet, air conditioning, food store next door, nice apartments, etc. I'm a Resident Assistant there. (I live there for free!)

Tonight my roommates and I are ordering pizza from T Anthony's. Yum, can't wait.

I'm super excited that on Thursday my mom is coming to Boston to visit me!!! I think we might go to Gloucester, MA or Rhode Island, or Martha's Vineyard...tbd. Lots of pictures will be posted soon, of course.


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