Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still going along.


Not much to post today. I'm just studying GRE vocab and researching graduate programs. I'm going to Gen's apartment because she's looking at grad programs too, and we work pretty productively together. Plus, I brought a tiny box of chocolate donuts to her apartment yesterday, so we have to finish those. I'm going to the lab today for a
little while too. Gotta collect some cells for a Western Blot. Btw, for all the people who've been asking, the lab is great. I'm enjoying working there and learning a lot. I just registered for CAS BI 491 for this fall, which is a biology directed research study so I can continue working there during the school year.  :-)

Ok, so this photo of me is not really from the lab. I took this picture in my first year at BU. I'm standing in Towers, a dorm, holding a cup of red, bubbly stuff from the dining hall. That's my lab coat from general chemistry/organic chemistry.

PS. Yes, I know my hair is supposed to be pulled back and my goggles are not supposed to be used as a head band. But it made a better photo this way.

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