Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boston: Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall & the Boston Harbor I went wandering. I walked to Newbury St. to buy something, but they didn't have it. So they sent me to their store at Government Center, which is where Faneuil Hall is.

Cheers is the bar/restaurant from that TV show.

While there, I decided to explore a bit. That's what summer is for, right? Surprisingly (probably only to me), I ended up at the harbor, which is super close to Faneuil Hall.

The harbor was nice, but it was sort of pathetic to see how much garbage
there was in the water. Really gross. And there were tons of jelly fish floating in the water. At least I think they were jelly fish. I was wondering where their GFP was. (green fluorescent protein).

The clear/white circles are the jelly fish-like things.

I did sooooo much walking today. My friend, Gen, is coming over for dinner in a while. We're gonna attempt to use all those vegetables we bought at Haymarket yesterday. I need a cookie sheet or a frying pan or something.

As you may know, baseball is like a religion in Boston. People are intense about the Red Sox. The Celtics (basketball) are also in the playoffs. So, yeah, people really like sports.

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