Tuesday, December 15, 2009

British Airways´ Crew´s Strike...BAD

I was going to write about the bittersweet feeling I was starting to get when I thought about leaving Madrid and coming home. You know, how Madrid has been super awesome, but that I can´t wait to get back and see lil´ Maddie Beagle.

Thanks to the flight crews at British Airways, I no longer have to write about that. British Airways´ crew is on strike. The strike is scheduled to start on Dec. 22. My flight home was Dec. 23. This is bad. Apparently they´re striking because they don´t get paid enough even though they´re the only group of workers that has refused to accept pay cuts at British Airways. Lame.

I guess I´ll be living in the Madrid Barajas airport indefinitely. This sucks. I mean, I love it here, but it´s time to come home. JMV.

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