Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Barcelona - Day 2

Hola, all.

Barcelona is totally different then any other city in Spain I´ve been to. It´s soooo touristy. They speak Catalán. They bring you your bill at a restaurant right away (not 3 hrs. later). The whole atmosphere is different.

Today, we started out at Park Güell, Gaudí´s park. The entrance looks like a frosted gingerbread house. It´s so cool, and creative. The style is very organic - he used tons of rocks and put mosaics into them. I am in awe of this park. It was fantastic and incredible, sorry no pictures yet.

Next, we went to Sagrada Familia, Gaudí´s cathedral. It´s maybe about half finished. It was comissioned in the late 1800s. They´re adding stained glass windows now. It´s really beautiful. It´s cool because it´s different than your traditional, gold-covered cathedral. It has abstract scenes and abstract art around the building.

This blog post was never finished.  Instead of finishing it, I have decided to take another trip to Barcelona in 2011.  And yes, I will be writing about the 2011 trip. Happy reading!

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