Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barcelona - 1st Day

First of all, if you haven´t heard, the British Airways cabin crew was ordered not to strike by the courts. So, I´ll be home on Wednesday! :-)

First day in Barcelona:

Went to La Rambla - it´s this great street that´s festive and has a bunch of stores. One store I noticed a lot is called Desigual. Their clothes are sort of awesome...and expensive. But that didn´t stop me from trying them on, of course. After all, it´s free to try clothes on. Good thing they didn´t fit me very well though. Their clothes are supercool looking, just not on me, which is fine.

We also went to the Cathedral of Barcelona today, which has this lovely courtyard - check out my facebook pics when I post them next week. It has surprised me all semester, every time I see a cathedral, that so many people feel strongly enough about their religion to give so much money to it and build luxurious cathedrals, which are covered in gold. Anyways, it was beautiful.

Barcelona is sort of misleading. It´s sunny and has a bunch of tropical plants, but it´s absolutely freezing.

We spent a bunch of the day following Rosella´s tour book. It listed some walks through the city, so we decided to see where they took us. We walked a bit in the Barro Gotico (Gothic architecture section), and around La Rambla.

I don´t mean to stereotype at all, but every souvenier shop we went to was owned by Indian men who literally harassed us until we bought something. I managed to not buy anything, but my friends got stuck. It was always, "Hello guapa (good-looking). What do you want to buy? Why don´t you like anything? Why are you angry? This costs this price, but we´re friends, so I´ll give you this price." It´s really annoying. Not to mention the ones on the streets who are like, "There are three of you and three of us. You have long legs." Seriously, who says that?! It was creepy.

Things I´m looking forward to at home:
1. Glasses of water at restaurants without having to argue with servers
2. Guys who keep their thoughts about beauty to themselves (I don´t care if they think I´m pretty. I really don´t want to hear about it.)
3. My winter coat (I´m once again wearing all the clothes I brought with me.)
4. Legitimate sized hamburgers (aka large American sized burgers)

Tomorrow I´m going to the Picasso Museum!!! I love Picasso´s work, and I´m superly excited. We´re also going to Sagrada Familia tomorrow, Gaudí´s cathedral. :-)

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