Friday, November 20, 2009

Spanish Food Recipes

These recipes are from my friend, Irene. She's a nursing student at the hospital where I have my internship. :-) I met her while I was observing in the ICU for the recién nacidos.

Tortilla de Patatas aka Tortilla Española
1. 4 o 5 patatas (depende en el número de personas)
1. 4 or 5 potatos - depends on # of people eating
2. 2 o 3 huevos (depende en el número de patatas)
2. 2 or 3 eggs - depends on number of potatos
3. cebolla
3. onion
4. sal
4. salt
5. aceite
5. olive oil

Para cocinar:
1. Freir a parte las patatas peladas en hojas. Separar. Reservar.
1. Cut the potatos into wafer/cube shapes and then fry them.
2. Freir a parte la cebolla hasta conseguir pocharla.
2. Fry a chopped up onion...idk the rest. poach?
3. Mezclar en un plato/bol los huevos batidos con la cebolla, la patata, y un poco de sal.
3. Mix beaten eggs in a bowl with the onion, the potatoes, and some salt.

4. Coger una sartén proporcionada.
4. Get a frying pan that's the right size.
5. Dejar a fuego lento 5-10 min.
5. Leave it all on low fire for 5-10 min.
6. Colocar un plato grande sobre la sartén y dar la vuelta a la tortilla. Volver a colocarla en la sartén, ya del otro lado.
6. Put a big plate over the frying pan and flip the tortilla over (I think that's what that means.) After flipping, put the tortilla back in the frying pan since it will be in the dish. It will be on the other side.

7. Dejar cocinar al gusto.
7. Leave it cooking until you like it.

This picture is what it should look like when it's done. Cut it into pizza-slice-shapes and chow down.

WARNING: This food will make you fat because it's so incredibly delicious that you will never be able to stop eating it. Even if you're so full that your stomach hurts. I looooove this food!! So I hope you plan on taking lots of ballet classes.

Paella ValencianaIngredientes:
1. Arroz (% = a ojo, más o menos 1 vaso arroz/persona)
1. Rice (1 cup of rice per person-ish)
2. Para el salteado: cebolla, pimiento verde, pimiento rojo
2. For the seasoning? (I think): onion, green pepper, red pepper
3. Condimiento: pollo cortado en trozos, o se compra hecha con gambas, cangrejos, calamares...
3. Condiments: chicken cut in pieces, or buy pre-made mix with shrimp, crab, calamari, etc.
4. Sal
4. Salt
5. Colorante Paella
5. Paella coloring?

Para cocinar:
1. Freir en una sartén muy ancha el pollo/carne separa. Mezclar la cebolla picada y el pimiento y rojo picado. Dejar pochar. Cuando se haya mezclado todo, añadir el pollo, el resto, y el arroz. (1 arroz = 2 agua)
1. Fry the chicken pieces in a very wide frying pan. Mix the onion (picada?) and the peppers and the red (picado?). Let it poach?? When everything is mixed, add the chicken, everything else, and the rice. (1 cup of rice = 2 cups water)
2. Mantienes sin remover hasta se baje el nivel de agua y engorde el arroz. Tapar con una tapdez(?) y un ___ de cocina. Ojear. Añadir sal.
2. Let it cook like that without removing from the flame until the water level drops and the rice expands - cooking rice normally. Not sure what the next semtence says because I can't read the hand writing in Spanish, so I definitely cannot translate it. So, do something, and then add salt.
3. Cuando se haya consumido casi todo el agua, apagar el fuego y dejar reposar 5-10 min. No dejar que se pegue.
3. When almost all the water is gone, turn off the flame and leave the paella in the pan for 5-10 min. Idk what the next sentence means.
Tiempo total: 1 hora o 1 hora y media
Total time to cook: 1 hr - 1 hr 30 min.


  1. thanks Dana for the recipes! It came in handy since i have a friend who wants to make the Spanish tortilla she remembered from years ago when she was a student abroad, and another friend who was making paella for her son's Spanish class.

  2. Dear anonymous,
    you're welcome! enjoy. i hope they turn out well.

    mmm...who are you? i'm sure i know you, but there's no name listed. just curious. :-D


  3. I want to know how you flip that whole thing without it falling apart?????

  4. you flip it with a frying pan on the bottom and a dish over the top so it can´t fall out. then it´ll be in the dish, and you have to slide it back into the frying pan i guess. good luck. let me know how it goes.

  5. Would you eat squid? Ewwwwww. I think I wouldlike the potato and egg thing though.

  6. no squid. eww. but i was told that you can substitute all the seafood for chicken. so, that sounds pretty good.

    yes, the tortilla is super delicious!!!