Sunday, October 11, 2009

La Alhambra

Today was epic. At 4.36 am, we left the hostel to meet Sima, took a taxi to the Alhambra, and got in line. Tickets are available starting at 8 am. Arriving at 5 am, we were not the first ones there...whoa. I was 5th in line. We found out that each person in line can buy 10 tickets and that there's a separate line for credit cards than the line we were in. The credit card line goes like 20 times faster than the cash line because it employs a machine instead of a sleep deprived person. So, that's how we lost out on getting tickets yesterday.

Anyways, we prepped for this five hour wait. In Granada, it's really, really cold from 6 am to 8 am. It's warm from 4 am to 6 am and during the afternoon. Last night we went to a snack shop and stocked up on chips, candy, cookies, and all the food that's really bad for you but good when you need something fun to eat. We took the food, along with the bedding from the room in our hostel, and literally camped out in line for tickets to see La Alhambra. It worked! Quite the victory. I was rolled up like a burrito in my blanked and towel for three hours chomping on my chips, but it worked!!!

The Alhambra was amazing!! Gorgeous. First we saw Palacio Nazaríes.  The Nasrid Palace is filled with arches in Arabic styling. Every inch of wall, ceiling, and floor space was decorated to impress. I went to listen in on a guided tour, and overheard that all pictures of these palaces are taken from the inside facing outside because the inside is decorated, while the outside is plain. We also saw the palace of Charles V, Generalife - gardens, Palacio de los Abencerrajes, and more. Look at my pictures tomorrow. It was great. Charles V's palace was completely different from the Nasrid Palace. It was more Roman in style.

Overall, we're really glad we got to see la Alhambra finally, and we've really enjoyed our stay in Granada! Bye.

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  1. Hmmm. A Dana burrito? Glad you were warm and that the tour was worth the wait!

    Aunt Beth
    P.S. I forwarded your computer question to Uncle Alan