Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I got pickpocketed twice today, but I promise this is a good story.

Yes, it finally happened. I was warned like a million times. Today on the train I was half asleep at about 7:30 am. Upon arriving at my internship and going to go change into scrubs, I noticed that all the outside pockets of my backpack were open. I always keep them closed, so I sort of freaked out. Luckily, everything important is always in my purse, which is literally inseperable from my arms. Then I wondered what I had lost and what had been in the pockets...

I have a really bad cold since I didn´t sleep at all in Granada, so I´ve been using a lot of kleenex lately...it´s gross. Not kidding, this is what someone (some idiot) stole from me. Dirty kleenex. Very dirty kleenex. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Serves them right. I´d been storing the used kleenex in the compartments so I could throw it out when I got to a garbage can. So, they sort of did me a favor. Now I don´t have to touch it again. Thanks?

Seriously though, who steals snotty kleenex??? This is almost better than not getting pickpocketed at all. Totally made my day.


  1. I had someone try to do that to me in Barcelona in college, but I somehow sensed the zipper being pulled, turned around, saw the guy and registered that the train was full and I was in no danger, and yelled, "What the F--K are you doing?" (he ran off as soon as the doors opened again) My college study abroad friends were shocked since I never swore and am not abrasive at all- but my brain had gone on some defensive auto-pilot! We all had a good laugh about it afterwards.

  2. The thief was probably hoping it would find jewels wrapped up the kleenex! (Or drugs!) Glad the joke was on him! (And I hope he gets sick - it will serve him right!)

    Aunt Beth

  3. Maybe he has a beagle and was gathering "delicacies" to surprise his furry friend. Except the thief wouldn't deserve such a fine friend.