Saturday, October 10, 2009

Granada­­ - Days 1 and 2

First day in Granada -

The keyboard in this hostel is half American and half international, so I still haven`t found where most of the punctuation is. Please forgive the lack of grammar.

The market here outside the cathedral, Catedral, is pretty sweet - they sell loose tea and spices in these large bins and make little bags for you to take with. It smells soooo good! I was about to buy a bag of tea to bring home when I remembered the dogs in customs that sniff out and take away that sort of stuff. No tea. The market is also filled with jewelry ²hand made and supposedly hand made+. The 2 and plus sign were supposed to be parenthesis, but somehow aren`t. Whatever. The market also has these awesome pillow cases that are woven and decorated brightly, along with scarves, beautiful blue and green painted plates, and clothes.

At Catedral, we took a self-tour. We saw King Fernando`s and Queen Isabel`s tombs. Like, their coffins were visible in the cathedral. There was another part of the exhibit that had their crowns and septors...their stuff is so old! Well maintained though. As all cathedrals are, this one was incredibly beautiful with ornamentation up the wahzoo. Wow, I can`t believe I just used the word wahzoo...heehee! Tomorrow we`re waking up at 5.45 am to go to the Alhambra and its gardens. *That dot is supposed to be a colon for time, and the asterisk should be a parenthesis thing.


Day 2 in Granada -

Got to La Alhambra just before 7 am. Waited in line until 8.30 am. Did not get tickets. Freezing cold outside. lied. They said there were 80 morning tickets left and 103 afternoon tickets. We only had about 90 people in front of us, so we figured we`d definitely get tickets. Wrong. We`re not quite sure where all the tickets went. Our only guess is that the first few people bought about 50 tickets each and went to sell them at higher prices to people who desperately wanted tickets. We weren`t that desperate. So we`re trying again tomorrow morning. We plan to arrive at 5 am in line. We`re going to bring snacks for breakfast, blankets from the hostel, and we went to Sfera to buy sweaters so we`d survive the cold.

After we dejectedly left, we went to walk through the beautiful Albacìn. The accent mark on that i is supposed to be angled up the other direction, with a positive slope. The Albacìn has the most incredible distance view of the Alhambra. See facebook for photos on Monday afternoon. Albacìn is a little village filled with tiny, winding staircases and walkways. We got there just as the pastelerìas were opening, and bought pastry things that were superly delicious for breakfast. And hot tea. It was great getting to see all the little homes and shops. Super cool place.

After Albacìn, we walked back to Catedral where the market is. I bought a necklace that is really cool and very different than any necklace I own. I`ll post a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words, probably more, and the sentence I write describing it would only be worth the number of words I write...way fewer than 1000.

Dear Mom,
I bought a Hamsa charm in the market. I figured you`d be excited to know that. I found a nice, Dana-ish one! It didn`t come with a chain though, but I`m sure I have one at home. I`ll post a pic. It`s decorated in a simple, but pretty way. I really like it.

At the moment we`re looking online for the juderìa. It`s the Jewish section of Granada that we heard exists. Literally translated, juderìa means `Jew store`...odd, but whatever. Not everything translates

ATM deal. So, I went to the ATM to get cash to pay for the hostel as they asked. I was rejected by 2 ATMs. I figured they canceled my card because I was in Spain, so I called. I couldn`t call them from here. So, I called Mom. Dr. Mom helps with all issues, not just when I`m sick. I guess that`s what Moms do - be their awesome selves. Thanks, Mom. Anyways, she called the bank and we found out that someone had stolen my debit card number and the account was put on hold. Sort of a problem when you can only pay in cash. Kindly, the bank agreed to remove the block on the account if I called while I was at the ATM and re-block it as soon as I was done. Sounds simple, rightÉ The É was meant to be a question mark. Well, in the process, I broke one ATM, got rejected by another, and finally on the third try got my money. Now I`m waiting for a new card to arrive in the about a month. Hopefully before my trip to Portugal.

So, that`s Granada so far. It`s been good, I`m enjoying myself. I love Sfera, and I wish we had that store in the US. P.S. my Spanish cell phone will not make or receive calls and my American cell phone won`t even turn on. Yay...... *Dad - note the sarcasm sign* .-) I still can`t find the colon punctuation mark.


  1. the phrase "up the wahzoo" is really underrated. im glad you're bringing it back

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time and feeling better. Can't wait to see the pics!

    Aunt Beth