Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Weekend in October

1. Lope de Vega's house
Lope de Vega was a super famous author here. He lived about 400 years ago. He was very rich for the times. In his house, he had about 20 beds, live-in maids, a mini-church, tons of books, and more. We read some of his works in Medieval Golden Age Spanish Lit at BU. We took a tour of his house. The picture is of his room with books. Most of the props and furniture in the house were fake since the real ones have probably disintegrad over the last few hundreds of years. Maybe they're in a museum.

2. Real Jardín Botánico
The Botanic Garden is near the Parque del Retiro, Museo del Prado, and Museo de la Reina Sofía. The flowers there were beautiful! I think most of the flowers were out of season, but the ones that were there were awesome.
Almost all the flowers were different types of Dahlias. I sort of with I'd taken a genetics class before coming to this garden. (CAS BI 206 - Taking it next semester). All the different breeds of these things either had different color variations or petal shapes, but they were all similar. That would be some intense punnet square-ing.
My camera has a super telephoto lens. I never would've gone close enough to this bug to take this picture.

3. El Rastro - Mercado

El Rastro is a flea market open from 9 am until 2 pm on Sundays. They sell everything. Scarves, clothes, shoes, textile things, boxes, movies, music, jewelry, paintings, prints, etc. It's super fun and pretty cheap. Love it! I bought two pairs of earrings. The market is really, really crowded - kind of like being on the T in Boston during a Red Sox game. You sort of have to do the "part the red sea" thing to get to the vendors' counters.

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  1. The photo of El Rastro reminds me of Stephanie's photo of the fabric shop in Kolkata!

    BTW - I just came back from the Orchestra concert where Marissa sang - she was AMAZING!!!! And Jon Nadel also played beautifully, as did the cellist - whose name I don't remember. I understand your Mom is putting Marissa's symphony on Youtube so you can see/hear it!

    Aunt Beth