Thursday, October 1, 2009


I went to ballet today. :-) Although the level was way too low, it was great to be in a ballet class. The advanced/pro class, the level I would normally take, is during my classes at school. Regardless, this will help me maintain myself until I get back to Margot's classes. Besides, I could really use this time to work on my turnout; it could use it. I just feel happy because I was in ballet. Whoever figured out that exercise was addicting seriously knew what they were talking about.

The class was a mix of Spanish and French - because all the ballet steps are in French. Oddly, I understood the French about a million times better than the Spanish. Ironic. Even when the teacher was giving tips in Spanish, she usually demonstrated the correction also, so I generally knew what she was saying regardless of the words because they were corrections I've been hearing all my life. Sorry about the runon sentence.

Tonight after dinner, I'm walking to another metro stop, meeting friends, and going out to eat crepes. Yum!

Only I would write about ballet and crepes in the same blog posting. Wow. That's special...

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  1. Crepes and ballet are both French, so why not???

    Glad you are having fun! Have a chocolate crepe for me! (preferably topped with sliced bananas and strawberries!)

    Aunt Beth