Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ok, so today is going much better than yesterday. I successfully arrived at el Parque del Retiro without getting lost. I even made it back to the apartment without getting lost. Much better.

Lunch was delicious again. Lunch seems to be a pretty big deal here. It's like three courses. First there's the aperitivo (appetizer) which is chips (patatas fritas), then the main course (today = chicken and rice with a sauce), and then a yogurt or fruit. Then Mus, the adorable dog, gets a taste of whatever food is left. I guess it's good to have a big lunch since dinner is at like 9 pm or 10 pm.

Tomorrow classes start. I'm still figuring out which ones I can take and what will count for the Spanish major. I really want to take a language class, but I'm not sure if it'll count and how it will fit in with the internship schedule. Actually, it totally clashes with the schedule. We'll see... But it's a great class - Español con los fines profesionales. I'd learn lots of useful vocab and be able to work on speaking better. It would really help me. Although, I'd be happy with the other three classes I was going to take too I think. bad it's too early to call Mom still and ask what she thinks. Good thing I just found her on facebook chat! Bye.


  1. I hope that our facebook chat helped or at least gave you more to think about!

  2. Hi Dana! I love your blog, and am glad to hear you didn't get lost today! You are actually doing very well if you've only been there for 3-4 days and you didn't get lost! Yea! I hope I can post this (we'll see shortly); I tried posting a comment the first day, but it got lost in Cyberspace because I didn't have a profile yet. Now that I am signed on as a follower, hopefully....
    And I'm glad your family has a dog - should help you with missing Maddie!
    Aunt Beth

  3. Oh my god, I couldn't finish "lunch" (I ate around 4). I had this lentil and veggies dish that was delicious, except it had potatoes, which would be ok if I also wasn't served rice and salad that had corn in it. I am not used to so many carbs at once.

  4. haha sima. i love carbs. they're like all i eat. unless my mom tells me to eat protein. :-D i hope she reads this comment. lol