Friday, September 18, 2009

Metro 1 am / Clubs

Tonight I went out to a cafe with three friends. The plans were that the four of us would meet at 10:30 pm, go to a cafe, then they would go to the discotecas and I would go back to the apartment. I know, I'm not very exciting. But I'm not so into going to various clubs when it's cold and rainy and I don't have a cute outfit on.

While walking to the cafe, I'm not sure what street we were on, but we were swarmed by club promoters. I now have collection of little cards in my pocket, offering me free admission and free, unlimited drinks at like eight different clubs around Madrid. Not bad for an outfit that wasn't even that cute. Well, it was cute, but it wasn't "club-styled" all. Maybe we'll go back sometime (for free!!) in the future.

At the cafe I ordered the most amazing hot chocolate I've ever had...ever. Sorry no picture, forgot the camera again. Delicious though. After eating, I went back to the metro. Walking through the streets, I was amazed to find people everywhere. It was about midnight, but it could've been 7 pm. It was packed. Even getting on the Metro, which took until 1:00 am to return to the apartment, was not even the least bit sketchy at that hour. It was totally normal.

Would you get on the CTA at 1 am? NOOOOO.

But the Metro? YES!

The T? Can't. The T unfortunately stops at 12:35 - should run longer.

This weekend we're hoping to go to some museums and parks. There's a festival on Saturday night from 7 pm to 6 am, so I think we'll check that out too - it's free and includes art, theater, music, etc. I hear there's a great flea market on Sundays too. iPerfecto! :-)

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  1. You must have been very cute! Can't wait to hear about your weekend!!!!
    I look forward to reading your blog:)
    Love, Mom