Sunday, September 27, 2009

Madrid Olympic Bid 2016

Today there was a festival in Plaza Cibeles in support of the Madrid 2016 bid for the Olympics. So, I went with Sima and Katie to check it out. Honestly, it was awesome. The people here are so fun! The crowds were enormous (enormous as in lots of people, not as in big people. People are skinny here.) They had volunteers passing out large poster papers in the colors of the five Olympic rings so that a photo of the rings as a human mosaic could be taken from a helicopter flying above the crowds. We were in the yellow section. Watch Sima's video (I'm tagged in it) on facebook - you'll get the idea of what it was like.

The slogan for the Madrid 2016 bid is "Tengo una corazonada." In English I think this means "I feel it in my bones." I think it sounds better in Spanish. It occured to me that I have no idea what the Chicago slogan is...

A British woman came up to the three of us, asked if we spoke English, and then asked us to be part of a TV collage of people saying "Tengo una corazonada" in different languages. It was fun. Katie held the microphone, and they handed me this red heart pillow that I was supposed to throw off to the side after we said, "I feel it in my bones." Being from Chicago, Sima and I felt a little odd about being in advertisements for the Madrid bid, but it was fun anyways. We still hope they come to Chicago. Nothing beats an expensive hotel price like staying for free at your own house....with an adorable beagle!

This weekend my host family went to France to visit one set of grandparents. They took Mus with them. All of them (except Mus) speak French. That's awesome. I wish I knew more languages. Since they said it was alright if I invited a friend over so I wouldn't get lonely, I invited Sima, Katie, and Beth over. We watched Michael Jackson's #1 hits DVD. OMG he's a super amazing dancer. No one, seriously no one can move like that. Incredible. We watched the 90 minute DVD like 4 times while we did our translation homework and booked hostels/flights.
I just found out that my time/date to register for BU spring classes is Nov. 8th...while I'm in Paris at 3 pm Paris time. I have to drag this heavy laptop to Paris. Not liking that. However, I would like not getting any of my classes even less, so the laptop will come with I guess.
That's all for now. Tomorrow I have 5 hours at the internship and 1 hr 20 min of class. And I have to go buy a stethescope. (estescopio).

*******Photos courtesy of Sima. I forgot my camera.*******


  1. Cool! Don't spend a lot on a stethescope. IF you can hear your heart beating and your breath going in and out, its fine!

    I take it you are feeling better?

    Aunt Beth

  2. So are you going to be on the news?

  3. idk. we might've been on the news yesterday. i'll never know i guess