Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little blogging before dinner:

My laundry came back again today. I like this. But I don't think they believe in fabric softener. My clothes are rather, well, crispy. I'm amused. Anyways, the bottom line is that I wasn't the one who had to wash them. So I'm really in no position to comment. Life is good.

For the Cervantes class, the prof decided to not give us a final. Life is extra good. Instead we have a paper/research paper. Much better. I think the graded portion of the movie class is papers also. I'll have to do some serious writing, but it will be better than an exam. Exams are very...do you remember this tiny, insignificant, nit-picky detail? No? Oh well, you fail. I'm not a fan. So the papers sound good.

The BU schedule planner is online already for next semester. Planning my classes always takes forever (I wish that was a hyperbole.) since I have to balance neuroscience, Spanish, and dance. And nothing, I mean nothing, is allowed to be scheduled during ballet. Oh, btw - I'M GOING TO A BALLET CLASS HERE ON THURSDAY!!!!! :-) Yay!

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  1. The water in Spain could be different that the water here. It might be hard water:) Life is good and in some ways better than at home:) lol
    Love, Mom