Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm sick. :-(

Dear Dr. Mom & Aunt Beth,

Please help. Need advice. My throat hurts sooooo badly. :-( Nose is a bit congested, not bad. Celeste, the woman who does our laundry/cleaning, keeps telling me I have gripe A (H1N1). I'm pretty sure I don't. Like definitely sure I don't because I don't have a high fever. I think I might've had a low fever this afternoon and morning because I kept going between the hot/cold-chilled feeling. Ugh. My throat is really the only thing that hurts. I took motrin and a 12 hr sudafed. Should I take claritin? I was going to take a nap, but I decided shopping with my friends sounded like more fun-I bought a scarf and bracelet. I drank some tea.

Thanks much.


So, my internship is super cool.

Today the doctor I was shadowing had some free time, so I got to shadow the neurologist. It was awesome. Interestingly, both of her patients were foreigners. The American family spoke Spanish, but the Indian man only spoke English. The doctor's English was pretty good, but I translated the rest. The man had lesions in some nerves, and he was having difficulty walking. His legs shook and felt very weak, and he couldn't push against the doctors hands with them. It was pretty interesting watching her do the tests of his coordination and strength. He was scheduled to get a lumbar puncture in the afternoon, but I had to leave to go to class before then.

A word about Universal Health Care: (Yes, I know this is a little different, but it still worries me.)

I work at a private hospital. Here, a private hospital is owned by a private health insurance company. As I understand, everyone has socialized medical insurance, and private medical insurance is extra and expensive. It's worth it though. I've been told the public hospitals are bad and that if you need surgery or something, you often have to wait two or three months for it - kind of a long time if you're desperate. In any case, even the private hospitals are overcrowded because they're tiny since it's so expensive. At least ten times a day, I hear doctors telling patients that they need to stay in the hospital, but there aren't enough beds. It's sad. For even more money, if it's an absolute crisis, they can sometimes buy a bed at a public hospital, but then they're at a public hospital. You could really wait for a long time before getting treated because of the lack of space. I cannot imagine being on a waiting list for necessary health care. When I asked, I was told that a really urgent case, brought to a private hospital but without that company's insurance, is treated minimally until they're stable enough to be transferred away to a public hospital.

Just a thought with an implication.


I'm going to Toledo tomorrow. :-) I'll take pictures.


  1. Buy a thermometer:)
    Take the mucinex that I sent you with:)
    Sleep!!!!!! Keep taking the motrin:) How high do you think the fever is? Buy a nose spray:) Does your throat feel like strep????

    Keep me posted:)

  2. fever is low. probably gone now. no, it doesn't hurt enough to be strep...yet. nose spray? eww. idk how to say 'nose spray' lol.

    can i take mucinex or do i have to wait for the sudafed to wear off?

  3. Mucinex in the morning and motrin:)
    Nose spray can really help!

    I enjoyed talking to you this evening:)
    Love, Mom

  4. Hi Dana. Sorry I haven't had a chance to read/post until now (you know, that 4 letter word that gets in the way - WORK!) So, it sounds like you are feeling better already. If it is regular Mucinex (not Mucinex-D), then you can take Sudafed with it. Always look at the ingredients on the label - you don't want to take more than one decongestant (the sudafed) or more than one antihistamine (i.e. Claritin.) So, if they are not combination products, you can take the Claritin (antihistamine) , Mucinex (for cough and loosening of chest mucous) and Sudafed (decongestant for clogged sinuse.) You can also take Motrin for the sore throat. If you get sick with a fever & aches, you can actually take BOTH motrin and tylenol - alternating them every 4 hours so you take one every 2 hours really helps. Wash your hands a lot, drink lots of tea, and some chicken soup if you can find it!

    Aunt Beth