Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hi! Thank you to everyone who is reading and commenting on my blog. I love reading the comments!

Today I went to figure out where my internship was. I have to take a train and then walk a bit and then a bus. It takes about an hour from the apartment to get there, and to get from the internship to school is about 45 minutes. But I found it!!! Actually it´s pretty simple to find, even for people like me who lack any sort of sense of direction. There´s were signs everywhere pointing to it, it has a huge sign with the name on multiple signs of the building, the bus drops you off right at the door of the building, and the people on the bus were really nice and told me when I got there. Very good.

My interview there is tomorrow. I still have to figure out what to wear. I only have 1/4 of my wardrobe here, maybe less, so this is kind of difficult. Wish me luck - I´m very excited to meet the people there!

Good news : My cell phone finally works and is no longer charging me huge fees. I can now talk for 90 minutes for 38 cents plus 2 cents for each minute. Not free, but not bad. Much better than the 16 Euros for the 15 minutes conversation a few days ago.

Updated list of my classes:

Historia y cultura española
Tradución a través del cine y del teatro
Cine español OR Cervantes y Don Quijote

It´s like 1 pm, and I´m really hungry, but I´m trying not to eat lunch for another hour and a half at least because dinner won´t be until 9:30 pm or later. Perhaps I will go buy a snack now...yes. Bye!

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  1. I'm so glad that you didn't get lost! What does the hospital look like? Was the transportation easy? Give BU a call today on your now working cell phone:)
    Love you:)