Sunday, September 27, 2009

Booking Hostels all over the place

Today Katie and I made reservations at two hostels. Here's a list of my travel plans for the semester. It's kind of awesome. Like, a lot. Check in out.

September 9: MADRID, SPAIN
I'm here!!!

September 25: TOLEDO, SPAIN
See previous blog post - it was awesome there. Pre-paid group trip.

October 9 - October 12: GRANADA, SPAIN
Booked a hostel, it was the last one left. Pretty cheap. Breakfast included. Private bathroom I think. I hope it's okay, and I think it's fairly close to where we need to be. We want to go see La Alhambra. We still need to research what else to see there.

October 16: Group trip to ESCORIAL, SPAIN
Pre-paid trip with the group.

October 23 - October 24: CÓRDOBA, SPAIN
Pre-paid trip with the group. Not sure where we're staying...

November 6 - November 9: PARIS, FRANCE
Booked a hostel. Rooms look retro and pretty cute. Breakfast is included and there's a private bathroom. Nice. Near the Republique metro stop, I think it's sort of in the middle of everything. We want to go up the Eiffel Tower elevator, to the Louvre, shopping, to Notre Dame's bell tower, and more.

November 27: SEGOVIA, SPAIN
Pre-paid trip with the group.

December 4 - December 8: TO BE DETERMINED (Switzerland, Austria, London, Milan, Morocco)
The possibilities are open. We're leaning toward Switzerland and Austria. We really want to go on the Sound of Music tour. Like a lot. Plus the Alps...yes. And the chocolate. And the watches. Sounds great.

December 18 - December 22: BARCELONA, SPAIN
Still need to buy plane tickets get reservations at a hostel. I plan to stay at the hostel that Mrs. Gonzalez's daughters own. I can't wait to see the Gaudi architecture! I hear it's incredible.

December 23 - January ?: USA!!
Back with my dear family: Mom, Dad, Lil' Simz, & Lil Beagz.

January ?, Sometime before my b-day: BOSTON, MA, USA
Back to BU for the Spring 2010 semester!


  1. At Notre Dame, take the spiral staircase up to the top. It's pretty cool.
    Go to Switzerland! I would go there if I were you. :)

  2. Wow!!!!! Awesome!!!! I like Ben's idea:)

  3. Ummmm..... Let's see..... I think you are in college, right? Sounds like you are having WAY TOO Much Fun! Do you actually go to any classes, or are you just traveling?????

    Makes me wish I was 20 again....

  4. man, seeing that itinerary was sort of scary for me.... tempus fugit!